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Simatic Step 7 Microwin S7 200 Pc Access Zip

Simatic STEP 7 MicroWin-S7-200 PC Access

Simatic STEP 7 MicroWin is a software program that allows you to program and configure the S7-200 PLCs from Siemens. It is a user-friendly and intuitive tool that supports all the features of the S7-200 series, such as timers, counters, data blocks, analog inputs and outputs, and communication modules. You can create, edit, test, and debug your programs using the graphical ladder logic editor or the statement list editor. You can also monitor and modify the variables and memory areas of your PLC during runtime using the online functions.

Download File:

S7-200 PC Access is a software program that allows you to exchange data between a PC and a S7-200 PLC using the PPI (point-to-point interface) protocol. It is a OPC (OLE for process control) server that provides a standard interface for accessing the data of your PLC from any OPC client application, such as Excel, Visual Basic, or WinCC flexible. You can define the data items that you want to read or write from your PLC using the S7-200 PC Access configuration tool. You can also use the S7-200 PC Access diagnostic tool to test the communication between your PC and your PLC.

To use Simatic STEP 7 MicroWin and S7-200 PC Access, you need to install them on your PC and connect your PC to your PLC using a PC / PPI cable. The PC / PPI cable is a serial cable that connects the RS232 port of your PC to the PPI port of your PLC. You can download the software programs and the cable driver from the following links:

  • [Simatic STEP 7 MicroWin]

  • [S7-200 PC Access]

  • [PC / PPI cable driver]

Note that Simatic STEP 7 MicroWin v4.0 SP9 is only compatible up to Windows 7 64-bits. It will install on Windows 10, but the drivers to connect to a S7-200 CPU will not work. This is a proposed solution: [How to install Step7 Microwin in Windows 10]. You can also download a trial version (at no cost, working for 21 days) of Step 7 v5.6 SP2 through this link: [Step 7 v5.6 SP2]. Install Step 7 v5.6 SP2 under Windows 10, along with Microwin v4.0 SP9, and then the complete functionality of Microwin will be available.

For more information on how to use Simatic STEP 7 MicroWin and S7-200 PC Access, you can refer to the following manuals:

[STEP 7-Micro/WIN for S7-200 Instruction Set Reference Manual](

[S7-200 Programmable Controller System Manual](

[S7-200 PC Access User Manual](

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